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“Though I were perfect, yet would I not know my soul: 
I would despise my life”

   Book of Job, Chapter 9 Verse 21

The personal power of lyrics and song are captured in the new release from Ottawa country artist Sandi Skye.  “Sew” is a needle threading, emotionally charged story that peels the covers back on life and allows the listener to experience a mental visualization on relationships and mental health.

We now live in a world where humanity is overwhelmed with despair and frustration with unfortunate news stories of divorce rates increasing and mental and physical violence in relationships increasing.  More than ever it would appear that our lives are filled with distrust and mental health is at the forefront of concern.  “Sew” weaves an intricate and real story line of deceit with discrete commentary on destructive relationships that exist in current times.  Don’t let the Bible passage fool you for this is not a religious song but most certainly a spiritual odyssey.

Each verse brings you deeper into a story line where trust is questioned and mental health teeters on the brink.
The power of this song is the way it allows each listener’s life experience create the ending in a personal and unique manner.  As Don Henley and Glenn Frey said with the song “Hotel California”, the story is intriguing yet vague with no real ending.

Ottawa is a bed of talent and Sandi Skye is bound for international stardom. Visit Sandi online www.sandiskye.com

You can hear Sandi’s new single right here on Go Country Ottawa